"Perhaps you were born for such a time as this"

Esther 4:14

What is the Men of Valor Mission?

The Men of Valor Ministry ‚Äčis a band of brothers called to bring awareness and heart-change to men in the community and around the world surrounding the subject of abuse and the mistreatment of women. Society will often try to value a man's worth or stature his physical strength, vocation or the size of his bank account, however it is not these things that make a man or bring him to greatness. We are calling men to care more about the size of his influence, to care about those in need, to care about make real change in their communities. Be a man of courage, be a man of integrity, be a man sacrifice, be a man after God's own heart, be a Man of Valor!

What We Do

Look for an organization to plug in with other like minded men? Interested in getting involved? Men of Valor has plenty of different ways in plug in:

  • Prayer team
  • Creating Blog Context
  • Creating Social Media Content & Awareness campaigns
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach ministry in the City
  • Organizing Social Events

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